Our new reference CD transport: ACCUSTIC ARTS® DRIVE IV

Perfect CD transport

The new DRIVE IV is a CD transport of the absolute reference class and works according to the top-loader principle. The unit is designed exclusively to play CDs, CD-Rs, CD-RWs in uncompromising quality.

The core of the DRIVE IV is the well-known high-end CD module CD-Pro8. Contrary to most other conventional designs, this module is equipped with a very solid diecast chassis in metal. The diecast chassis has excellent damping characteristics and simultaneously offers high stability and rigidity. The diecast chassis has excellent damping characteristics and simultaneously offers high stability and rigidity.

The CD module with its 3-beam laser is fitted in the DRIVE II using an elaborate construction with mechanical decoupling (subchassis design principle) and is integrated in its own solid aluminium housing.

Perfect power supply

In general, the building of a high-end CD drive requires a good power supply. Therefore, in the DRIVE IV, 2 separate generously dimensioned and magnetically shielded transformers of the highest quality serve to provide a perfect voltage feed. These transformers are produced especially for the DRIVE IV and are “Made in Germany” – just as all ACCUSTIC ARTS® transformers.

Attention was also given to providing the individual drive components requiring power such as the motor control, laser control, digital signal processing, display control and display heating with their own, generously dimensioned high performance power supply units. This prevents, for example, the power signal for the laser control having a negative influence on the power signal for the digital signal processing. To ensure the correct function of the individual power units, a high reservoir capacity was selected.

The perfect components

In order to attain absolute perfection, DRIVE IV exclusively uses selected components with narrow tolerances and the highest possible quality classification. A number of the individual components are also manually measured and matched together.

There are also no compromises with the housing: solid, carefully crafted aluminium plates combined with chrome-plated turned parts in brass serve to provide a fantastic touch quality and extreme stability. Stability is important to make sure that the CD being scanned can be read by the laser without any interference. Interfering pressure waves are prevented from reaching the CD through an ultra-stable slide cover which is also acoustically damped.

The laser beam is protected from negative influences by the solid drive cover produced in aluminium in the inside of the CD bay with a special, light-absorbing paint (Nextel®). This allows 100% absorption of any diffused light present. The exact positioning of the CD is made with a magnetic puck.

Perfect operation

As with all ACCUSTIC ARTS® devices the DRIVE II impresses through its easy operation. In modern times, where most electronic devices are overloaded with unnecessary functions, this is surely a welcome change for many music lovers.

The DRIVE II – MK2 can be operated with most of the basic functions even without using a remote control through two chrome-plated rotary and button controls. Both switch types are built to last an eternity. The switches are incredibly solid and the rotary switches produced in metal (“Made in Germany”) are equipped with gold-plated silver contacts which are absolutely corrosion-free and also allow thousands of switching cycles.

The user who requires further functions can use the enclosed remote control which is also easy to use. The remote control also has a brushed and anodised aluminium housing which optically matches the housing of the DRIVE IV.

The perfect sound experience

The result of the best individual components, thorough development, careful production, elaborate testing and innumerable listening sessions is the ultimate sound experience.

In combination with other ACCUSTIC ARTS® components music becomes perfect acoustics “Handmade in Germany”.

DRIVE IV highlights

  • Audiophile reference CD transport in top-loader design
  • High-Class CD mechanism (CD-Pro8) with heavy die-cast metal frame and involved mechanical decoupling, embedded in a massive aluminium housing (subchassis construction principle)
  • 2 generously dimensioned and magnetically shielded toroidal core transformers of premium quality (“Made in Germany”)
  • CD positioning in drive using exceptionally precise clamper, whereby the integrated magnet inside the clamper guarantees ideal pressing and smooth running
  • Extremely fine digital output stage with the following features:
    – separate transformer
    – separate extra large power supply unit with voltage stabilisation
    – output stage with extremely low jitter
  • All used components and parts are selected and of highest quality
  • Extremely stable, massive and resonance optimized housing, primarily made of 10 mm thick aluminium plates, ultra stable and acoustically damped top load cover; all chromed parts are made of massive brass
  • 2 premium quality rotary switches (“Made in Germany”) with gold-plated silver contacts
  • ACCUSTIC ARTS® standard remote control
  • ACCUSTIC ARTS® DRIVE IV is guaranteed “Handmade in Germany”


Playable formats:

Digital outputs:
1 x S/P-DIF; coaxial

CD data format:

Dimensions (H x W x D)
165 x 482 x 375 mm / 6.5 x 19 x 14.8 inches

approx. 22.5 kg / 49.5 lbs