ED 213 Speaker Cable

Speaker cables present a complex challenge: they must have sufficient cross-sectional area to deliver high current peaks from the amplifier with minimal loss. However, merely increasing either wire thickness or the number of strands in a wire bundle will introduce a host of distortion-generating artifacts – most significantly, phase shift due to excessive skin depth. In order to solve this problem in the most elegant manner possible, Empirical Design has developed an innovative conductor for the ED 213 Speaker Cable.

High-purity copper strands are woven into a single-layer braid surrounding a Teflon* core, forming a “virtual cylinder” with an effective cross-sectional area equivalent to a 13 gauge wire. The resulting tubular conductor is less than 1 millimeter thick, thereby eliminating phase shift across the entire audio frequency range, but still of sufficient size to enable full power transfer from the amplifier to the loudspeaker. The Teflon* insulated positive and negative leads are bonded together in a parallel geometry, preventing relative motion in order to stabilize cable reactance.

A proprietary labor-intensive termination process preserves the tubular conductor geometry all the way through the connectors, eliminating the usual “weak link” at the point of termination; there are no loose wire strands to oxidize or break with long-term usage. ED 213 will continue to perform ideally year after year, coupling your amplifier to your loudspeakers with breathtaking clarity, precision, and responsiveness.

  • Symmetrical bonded parallel conductor geometry
  • Pure Copper braided tubular conductors
  • Teflon* core and jacket
  • Premium gold-plated connectors
  • Environmentally sealed terminations
  • Abrasion-resistant protective sleeve

ED 213 Speaker Cable is available in any custom length, e.g.:

5 foot pair ED 213 Speaker Cable, Spade Lugs > Spade Lugs       $670.00
8 foot pair ED 213 Speaker Cable, Spade Lugs > Spade Lugs       $880.00
12 foot pair ED 213 Speaker Cable, Spade Lugs > Spade Lugs    $1,160.00

add $60 for Banana Plugs instead of Spade Lugs on one end of a pair of 213 Speaker Cables
add $120 for Banana Plugs instead of Spade Lugs on both ends of a pair of 213 Speaker Cables