ED 416X Grounded Power Cord

The modestly proportioned ED 416 Power Cord tends to elicit the most incredulous reactions from critical listeners. Four Teflon* insulated, silver-plated copper conductors are twisted in a star-quad geometry, which minimizes both susceptibility to induced noise and radiated energy from the cable itself. The two paralleled conductors per phase exceed the requirements necessary for transmitting the full 15 amps of current that domestic A/C wiring can deliver.

Performance is further enhanced by a tightly wrapped Teflon* tape jacket, which prevents relative motion between the internal conductors, substantially improving bass tautness and articulation. A discrete, external ground wire completes the design formula, providing a low-resistance path to earth for safety protection. The specific plugs chosen for the ED 416X Power Cord allow the conductors to be soldered at both ends, providing both a substantial improvement in performance and a permanent oxidation-free connection that can never loosen over time.

Many after-market power cords boast of their thick, large-diameter conductors; alas, they also tend to sound fat, lumpy, and sluggish, especially when compared against the responsive, linear, overhang-free power delivery provided by the ED 416X Grounded Power Cord.

  • Twisted-Quad geometry
  • Discrete external ground wire
  • Silver-plated Copper conductors
  • Teflon* insulation and inner jacket
  • Abrasion-resistant protective net sleeve
  • Schurter IEC plug – soldered
  • 3 blade Hubbell wall plug – soldered
  • 15 Amp (1,875 watt) capacity

ED 416X Grounded Power Cord is available in any custom length, e.g.:

4 foot ED 416X Grounded Power Cord    $460.00
6 foot ED 416X Grounded Power Cord    $600.00
8 foot ED 416X Grounded Power Cord    $740.00