The fourth-generation ED 422 interconnect cable sets a new standard for both absolute performance and cost-effectiveness. Slender, flexible, and robust, ED 422 incorporates optimally sized conductors to avoid skin-depth related phase shift within the audio frequency range, insulated with thin-wall Teflon* to minimize undesirable energy storage.

Unshielded ED 422 offers the ultimate potential in terms of openness, dynamic contrast, and natural timbral reproduction, allowing the music to emerge from a deep, silent background.

  • Twisted-Quad geometry
  • Silver-plated Copper conductors
  • Teflon* insulation and inner jacket
  • Abrasion-resistant protective net sleeve
  • Gold-plated Neutrik ProFi RCA, XLR, or TRS connectors
  • Unshielded (for best sound quality) or Shielded configurations

ED 422 Interconnect Cables is available in any custom length, e.g.:

3 foot pair ED 422 Interconnect Cable, RCA > RCA       $500.00
6 foot pair ED 422 Interconnect Cable, RCA > RCA       $740.00
10 foot pair ED 422 Interconnect Cable, RCA > RCA    $1,060.00