Calibre, from Legacy Audio, is a high resolution compact speaker that raises the performance bar for what a compact speaker can do.

Calibre is designed to meet and exceed the stringent high performance standards of recording studio professionals and is also at home in two channel and surround sound systems.

Legacy Chief Engineer Bill Dudleston on the development of the latest Legacy Audio offering: “I had but one thing in mind with Calibre – to build the highest resolution compact speaker available anywhere. Merely three inches taller than our Studio HD, it uses our high power handling 4″ AMT ribbon, a precision 7.5″custom midrange/midbass built in Spain, and the best 8″ bass driver available with a full inch of displacement capability. Offering extreme dynamics and wide bandwidth, the clarity is the best I’ve ever heard in a compact design. While efficient, it is designed to sail along with 500 watt peak inputs. Legacy has always been known for our huge soundstage – but this time it’s coming from a small box.”

The Calibre is a very high density package, weighing in at 50lbs each. This mass is owing to the enormous driver motors and a 1.75″ thick front baffle. Two 8″ mass loaded acoustic radiators are mounted on opposing sides to eliminate port noise and cancel resonance.



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  • Application:Ultra high resolution monitor
  • System Type:3 driver, 3 way
  • Tweeter:4″ AMT
  • Midrange:7.5″ accordion edge with 6lb magnetic structure
  • Bass:8″ Extended Throw
  • Sub-Bass Radiator:Dual 8″ mass loaded pneumatic
  • Low Frequency Alignment:6th order mass loaded radiator
  • Inputs:2 Pair binding posts for Treble and Bass
  • Internal Amplification:Available with 500 watts internal ICEpower in the XD version
  • Recommended Amplification:45-400w
  • Freq. Response (Hz, +/-2dB):38-30k
  • Impedance:4 ohms
  • Sensitivity:90.5dB (2.83V @ 1m)
  • Crossover (Hz):200, 2.5k
  • Cabinet Dimensions HxWxD (inches):16.25 x 10 x 15.25
  • Weight:50 Ibs each
  • Shipping Weight:56 Ibs each