Signature SE

Signature SE allows fans of the Legacy Focus SE, a benchmark for recording professionals and audiophiles worldwide, to attain the legendary Legacy performance in a more compact footprint. The Signature SE has the ability to be placed very close to the back wall thanks to its sealed box alignment. Expect rich vocals, detailed but never harsh top end with boom free bass.

Bi-Amp/Bi-Wire Ready

The rear terminal plate features removable copper jumpers to facilitate bi-amping or bi-wiring if desired. The dual binding posts accommodate banana, spade or bare wire connections.

Rear contour switches allow one to adjust for the presence and brightness of the room, and to trim the bass if placed near the rear wall.

The versatile Signature SE cabinetry is as rich and detailed as its sound. Choose from a wide variety of décor friendly finish options.

Dual Air Motion Tweeter System

The ribbon drivers of the Legacy Dual Air Motion Tweeter system are the very same used in the Legacy Focus SE (positioned at exactly the same listener height as the Focus SE) and employ planar and folded diaphragms suspended in high magnetic force field provided by neodymium. A natural fullness in the treble is exhibited that reminds us why we love high-end audio so much.

Signature SE additionally features silver HF wire on the treble and Solen® capacitors in the high frequency section.

7″ Midrange

The 7” midrange driver is mounted in a separate enclosure and filled with polyester fiber to reduce and dampen internal reflection. The cast frame 7” driver cone material was pressed from a silver/titanium/graphite composite weave and employs an additional reversion magnet under the phase plug.

Dual 10″ Woofers

Signature SE employs dual 10” woofers, paired to reduce distortion, while the sealed alignment couples to the floor boundary to achieve highly controlled low frequency extension.

Signature SE has the ability to be placed very close to the back wall thanks to its sealed box alignment. Taut bass lines emerge with solid punch and no over-hang.


  • Product ManualDownload Manual
  • Application:Sealed enclosure, low sensitivity to room placement
  • System Type:5 driver, 4 way
  • Tweeter:Dual Air Motion Tweeter System- 1″ AMT super tweeter, silver HF wire
  • Midrange:Dual Air Motion Tweeter System- 4″ AMT tweeter
  • Midwoofer:7″ Silver Graphite, cast frame
  • Subwoofer:Dual 10″ spun aluminum diaphragm, rubber surround, long throw suspension with cast frame
  • Low Frequency Alignment:Sealed, adjustable damping
  • Inputs:2 Pair binding posts for Treble and Bass
  • Recommended Amplification:20-300 watts
  • Freq. Response (Hz, +/-2dB):22-30k
  • Impedance:4 Ohm
  • Sensitivity:92 dB (2.83V@ 1m)
  • Crossover (Hz):180, 2.8K, 8K
  • Dimensions HxWxD (inches):48 x 12 x 13.75
  • Weight:106 lbs each
  • Shipping Weight:147 lbs each