The flagship Legacy, Valor, relies on graceful styling

The flagship Legacy, Valor, relies on graceful styling to conceal an extraordinary arsenal of new technology. At nearly six feet in height and closing in on 300 pounds the Valor employs 2750 watts of internal power per side and a 56 bit processor to reproduce even the most dynamic performances with unprecedented detail.

“As Close to Reality As Any Speaker I’ve Ever Heard”

“The Legacy VALOR/Wavelet II combination…sets a new reference standard, outperforms some far more expensive systems. It is a superb new loudspeaker system that mixes a truly innovative speaker design and dedicated electronics to achieve one of the best-sounding systems I’ve ever heard. I would suggest you audition the VALOR simply to help you redefine the state of the art.”

“You get more detail and natural sound, and better ability to locate given instruments and voice in place, regardless of whether it is a solo instrument, a large complex orchestral performance, or mixes of instrument and voice.” – Anthony Cordesman, The Absolute Sound January 2022



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  • Application:Sequential sound field reconstruction system, auto-setup with calibrated microphone
  • Processor:Wavelet 2 input, 8 output, 56 bit DSP, Room Correction/Stereo Unfold algorithm
  • System Type:8 Driver, 4 way system with specialized 3 driver ambient array
  • Tweeter:Dual 4” AMT bridge-mounted in post convergent array
  • Midrange:1.5” coaxial, titanium/polyester diaphragm, precision waveguide
  • Midwoofer:14” carbon/pulp curvilinear cone, neo motor, dipolar
  • Bass:Dual 14” carbon/pulp curvilinear cone, neo motor in super cardioid array
  • Subwoofer:Dual 12” aluminum diaphragms, 480 oz. motors, cast frame, 3” dual 4 layer voice coils
  • Passive Radiator:Dual 12” patented symmetrically loaded with 2” travel
  • Low Frequency Alignment:Hybrid cardioid pattern, dual rear radiator, down-firing sub
  • Inputs:1 pair binding posts for upper range, 2 XLR balanced for bass, sub, 1 XLR for STEREO UNFOLD
  • Internal Amplification:Subs- 1kW, Bass- 750W, Mid-500W, Ambient Array-500W
  • Recommended Amplification:1 external channel of 60 watts or greater required for high frequencies
  • Freq. Response (Hz, +/-2dB):12Hz-30kHz
  • Impedance:XLR 10k, binding posts 4 ohms
  • Sensitivity:100.5 dB (2.83V@1m)
  • Crossover (Hz):65, 800, 6k
  • Cabinet Dimensions HxWxD (inches):Cabinet 67” H x 16.25” W x 18” D, Base 1.5” H x 20.75” W x 20.75” D
  • Weight:288 lbs each