Majestic 545PX

The Majestic 545 projects a simple unassuming aesthetic that is embellished by warm wood trim. The dimensions of the Majestic 545 are modest but its performance is remarkable, nearing that of our larger speakers. Further, the Majestic 545 incorporates the identical electronics and panel structural philosophy of our larger speakers. Bass-Focus® panel technology provides astounding bass performance, approaching that of our larger panels. The rich unassuming appearance and smaller size of the Majestic 545 will not disturb the decor balance of a room. The standard wood trim is medium oak and the grille is a double-knit black fabric. However, other woods and grille fabrics are optionally available. Matching the wood trim to other woods is also a service we provide.


Frequency response:
32 Hz to ultrasonics
Audio power (min/max):
50/600 watts (music power)
Radiating area:
870 square inches
Horizontal dispersion:
45 degrees (full spectrum)
Vertical dispersion:
Projected field of panel height
Impedance (nominal):
8 ohms
86 dB/2.83VRMS/1m

Bias power supply:
117/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 2 watts
Mid frequency
Bass level
D.C. Bias
Height x Width x Depth:
56″ x 24″ x 5.5″ (24″ at base)
Weight (per speaker):
97 pounds
Medium oak is standard
other finishes available)