Aquilar 10

The AQUILAR (origin from ancient latin “aquila” – the eagle) offers many of the prime choice and expensive materials, as well as most of the unique technical key solutions which made the AXIOM’s performance easily standing heads above all competition.


The Aquilar

In the past 2 years Acoustical Systems research and development dedicated a lot of energy, time, money and brain-storming in offering the unique sonic abilities of the AXIOM in a more affordable version.

To create an all-new superior 10″ tonearm design – which also should be easy to mount on all turntables thanks to the slightly reduced effective length.

Additional information

Colors Black, Silver
Variations Aquilar 10, Aquilar 10 LEICA Finish, Aquilar 12, Aquilar 12 LEICA Finish, Aquilar XX 10

Technical Specifications

  • Very easy and swift set up
  • Customized dedicated 3d-alignment template
  • Non-resonance hd18 tungsten carbide counterweight
  • Unique acoustical-systems non-resonance titanium/carbon-hybrid arm wand
  • Precision levelling of bearing plane – independent of arm board / turntable
  • Adjustable sra, vta, azimuth, overhang and offset angle at headshell
  • VTA adjustment on-the-fly
  • Non-touch magnetic anti-skating on-the-fly
  • Dynamic anti skating following the tangential curve
  • The design is based on the unique uni-din* geometry
  • The critical inner wiring is fine 5n pure silver litz wire