Solitaire S Series


Solitaire S 540

The Solitaire S 540 incorporate an unprecedented array of unique top-level technologies


Solitaire S 530

In construction terms the two speakers differ only in their physical size and the bass system employed: the S 530 measures 128 centimetres


Solitaire S 430

The entry into our world of High-End reference loudspeakers is the Solitaire S 430, which effortlessly solves the contradiction between appearance, construction and maximum audiophile performance.

Talis Series


Talis S 300

The S 300 is a compact floor-standing speaker of great beauty. This unique loudspeaker is just 21 cm wide and 105 cm tall, and typifies the philosophy behind the entire series in terms of technology and sound quality

Pulsar Series


Pulsar ST 21

Elegant, timeless appearance combined with superb sound and sophisticated technology: that sums up the Pulsar ST 21.

Caruso Series


Caruso S 10

The S 10 is an extremely slim three-way floor-standing speaker, just 17cm wide and 93 cm high.