The 2022 Florida Audio Expo: Alan Taffel Absolute Sound

New and Noteworthy

Two years ago, Andy and I were surprised at the number of products introduced during FLAX. This year, thanks to pent-up demand for shows at which to launch new gear, the trend accelerated.

Moving on to electronics, in the Unique Home Audio room I found myself searching in vain for the big monoblocks that I assumed were responsible for the effortless sound emanating from the gorgeous Italian Gold Note speakers. (Other electronics were also Gold Note.) Failing to locate the amps, I asked where they were and was directed to a pair of tiny boxes squatting on the floor. These, I learned, were the new $5400/pr. Atma-Sphere Class D amplifiers. That’s right: a brand known for tube amplifiers has built a Class D unit. I must say, true to the manufacturer’s word, the amps had tube-like warmth and sweetness. But their 100-watt GaNFET output stage and 800:1 damping factor also produced thunderous bass and high-jumping dynamics. Highs were clean, extended, and never exaggerated.